Five Places I Want to Travel to for Christmas

Five Places I Want to Travel to for Christmas

It’s the holidays! Get off your computer and spend time with your family, ya jerk.

Just kidding! Lord knows we’re all at the mercy of our Screen Gods and it’s too late to turn back at this late stage in the game. Succumb to your masters, feeble human, and read about the top five places I would like to spend Christmas if I could celebrate it anywhere in the world.


Santa Ana Crater El Salvador - JoeBaur

Anyone who follows this space knows I have a thing for El Salvador. To be fair, I’d be up for spending Christmas in pretty much any Latin American country I’ve traveled having only gotten a taste of it in Costa Rica before flying back home to the States to be with family. El Salvador wins because their country translates to The Savior and that feels pretty Christmasy.


Church Of Germany - JoeBaur

Best reason? I’ve heard it’s the place to be in Europe for Christmas. Something about Christmas markets and whatnot. Not that I even particularly enjoy shopping, but I do like walking around markets and people watching. Plus I do very much like Germany, so there’s also that. Oh, and the modern Christmas tree originated in Germany. I can imagine myself enjoying a listen of Nate King Cole’s “Oh Tannenbaum” while celebrating over in the Fatherland.


Iran makes it for two reasons. One, I think it would be interesting to spend Christmas in a country where very, very few people give two candy canes about the holiday. Now I know what you’re thinking. With that criteria, there’s more than just Iran out there. So reason number two — Iran has been at the top of my travel list for the past year or so and that’s all it needs to make this list.



Came up with this one, because I know I’d want to spend Christmas someplace where you’re bound to find a traditional religious service going on. It’s true that I’m about as formally religious as the keys I’m tapping to type this, but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy experiencing a cultural tradition. So if I’m going to get the religious experience in a foreign country, I’d want to do it somewhere where I could actually speak the language and vaguely understand what’s going on. Spain nails that criteria. Finally, I did a little Googling to see what others came up with on this topic. After all, I’m not silly enough to believe I’m the first to come up with a list of places to spend Christmas.

That search led me to a CNN article with a little info on spending Christmas in Barcelona, suggesting travelers stick around for Three King’s Day on January 5th for a celebration fueled by canons, fireworks and parades. Sold.

Now go be with your family. Because you know who’s on his way, right? The man with the world’s most impressive streak for consecutive breaking and entering…

Santa Elf Movie - JoeBaur

Happy holidays, everyone!

Joe Baur
Joe Baur
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